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Throwback Thursday

I’ve been trying to get my computer more organized lately, and came across this little gem.  (Of course, I meant to post it back when it was published.)  It’s a funny thing, stumbling into a photo of your kitchen in a magazine! (see #8)

We really enjoy the creative process, whether it be photography, design, architecture…or just planning a fun party!  When we hired Ili and Luly from TerraCotta Properties to build our ‘forever’ home, it was an exciting collaboration, esp. since we did it all remotely from NYC (while expecting our first child).  It was a crazy time, but needless to say, we were in good hands.  Thanks, ladies!  (And we promise we’ll do the Tour of Homes next time you ask!)

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They call me Mellow Yellow

I first photographed this little beauty as a newborn.  This is the second part in a series I’ll be shooting on the swing as she grows.  And oh my, has she grown!  Have a peek at her very first session here -

And here she is at 16 months, below.  I cannot get over these sparkle shoes and bright yellows - such a fashionista!  Clearly, she takes after her glamorous mama.  :o)

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Well, yes!!!




Here’s one thing keeping us so busy (and consequently, neglecting the ol’ blog)!  I know, I know….

But here’s the thing – we make it so EASY to elevate your portraits to fine art status, with meticulous attention to detail and access to the best labs in the country.  We love a DIY project as much as anyone, but some things are better left to the professionals.  And really, aren’t you busy enough?  Let April put that highfalutin NYC arts degree to good use and create something jaw-dropping for your home.  Trust us, you WILL love it.

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